Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fishing Report San Juan River Aug-Sept 2011

Fishing Report: San Juan, Blue, Big Thomson, Arkansas River

Hello everyone,

As usual fishing on the San Juan has been very good to excellent.

The flow is down to normal flow (500 CFS), update: back up to 750cfs Sept 28th, and the mosquitoes are almost gone.

Just about every trout we have been catching are very healthy due to higher than normal flow whole summer and we really enjoy catching them as you can see the photos.

The visibility is about 3 feet and algae growth is at its peak now.

We had great dry fly fishing season and still going on as a matter of fact yesterday’s client Brian T who is regular landed 22” plus trout at UF using AC midge.

The river traffic has been since Labor Day so we can move around many different places and catching lots of trout.

The best flies were:

Yong Wing> AC midge/mayfly> iYong Special> rYong Flash> Yong Blondie> Yong Blood in order

I was up in Denver for couple of days last weekend and fished the Blue, BT and Arkansas River on the way back home.

The fishing was excellent with Yong Wing, Yong Special, AK-Salad and I’ll be posting a video or two on my youtube channel soon.

Here are recent testimonial letters and phone calls from you:

I have been catching lots of big trout up to 24” from Baetis Bend to Lunker Alley and lots of people asked about what flies I was using.

Thanks for the flies,


sorry i was at the pump house (i was having lots of fun with yong wing) run in the bait waters caught lots of fish on yong wing I didn't keep any though.

I'll mail you the $20 for the yong wings thank you for bringing them and thank you for the fun trip again. Maybe next May, I am not sure right now, I'll get hold of you to do it a third time and I hope more times than that bye.

Thank you Andy,


Had a great time on the San Juan with you. You are an excellent teacher and it was easy to see the change in my fly fishing technique in as little as a few hours.
I'm heading out to the Adirondack's on Saturday and was hoping to purchase some flies from you.
Pretty much whatever you think would work. Hopefully, you could send it out express mail - I will send out a check to you, plus some extra that I didn't have with me on Friday.
I am likely leaving Friday afternoon.
Hope all is well.
Also, have some ideas regarding the book.  Look forward to talking with you.

Karim Botros


Yes, I had a great time. definitely my best trout experience ever. The next day in the evening at Texas Hole, I hooked one that took off for the far side of the river, never slowed, never looked back. I couldn't gain anything on him and he ran out all my line and backing when he got close to the other shore. Wish I could have landed that one. I did catch a 19 inch colorful rainbow that evening also. I hope to come again with a friend or my son. Thanks for the pics and the time!

Charlie Bing

Thanks for the fun the last few days and showing me high sticking and fishing with no strike indicator. Can work on those over on the Roaring Fork and take a day trip to Salida.



My wife was talking with one of her patients today, and he was telling her about his vacations this summer. When he mentioned flyfishing in New Mexico she said, "Where?" He said "The Navajo Dam area" and she said, "Oh my gosh! I wish I knew you were going there because I would have hooked you up with the best guide, Andy Kim!" She said his eyes got big and he said, "How do you know Andy? I actually did meet up with him for dinner" and she said, "Where? At the Chinese restaurant?" He laughed and said, "How did you know?!" Pretty funny, huh? Anyway, his name was Calvin Iona and my wife has known him for 20+ years. Small world...

Big Net

Hi Andy- my buddy Dean and I fished with you and Camoman 10 years ago this week, flying back to Columbus  two days before the world changed.  Glad to see you are still going strong.  Were talking about coming back out.  I'll stay in touch.  


Thanks Andy! They had a great time. Next time it will be just you and me. I want to get my AK Bachelors degree

Gene W

Thank you Andy for today. Ryan really did enjoy himself, I think we may have a new convert to the sport and I think even he is surprised. Thanks for getting both he and my dad on the fish, as I knew you would, now it should be easier for me to get them to come back to the San Juan in the future. We will be sure to look you up again! We're all looking forward to the pictures, I really appreciate it and thank you so much again for a fun day on the river!

Mike Jenny

We had an awesome day, could you send me some pictures you took?


 Tim Reddin

Thanks, Andy. Got the photos and posted to Facebook. I will add something to your site later today.

Ann T. Gallant

Hi Andy,

I got the pictures you sent. I will send you up a couple from my camera that you may want for your website. We had a great time with you and all learned a lot. Look forward to getting back out there with you in the early fall. Talk to you soon!


Thanks for the phones & music.  I'm listening to the album
right now.  The photos came out good! Appreciate both.
Was up at Cable Hole today and did very on the AK47 and
Griffins Gnat.  The midging was slower so we stayed with
surface bugs.  The trout were not sipping like they were
yesterday.  Look forward to more of the same tomorrow.
Are you going to be around.  If so I'd like to pick up a
few more AK47s.  Let me know. 

Double hookups by KMA hole

This big one took Andy's Candy Midge from UF
Brian was here last July and came back for more and you see why.

AC midge was hot for Matt all day and he comes here once every year.

Adam also was here last spring and came back for more lesson.

Jim comes here every year to hunt and fish, lucky guy.

Karim was first time client, he heard of me and wanted the guide trip but I was booked on the day he wanted so only booked for about 2 hrs after my full day trip after repeat client Jim but luckly Jim's friend couldn't join him so he filled in and caught lots of trout.

Bob has been repeat client for few years and came for me twice this summer, see more of his photos all the way to the end from couple of months ago.

Nice fat big trout from KMA hole

Texas Hole has been great!

More from TH

Tyler is also repeat client and caught lots of nice trout from Lower Flats area with his father.

Lots of big trout around TIR loved Andy's Candy!
Bob is hooked on dry fly fishing and his smile gets bigger each time.

Three Island Run area has many fat trout and we catch lots of them off the bank by sight fishing, no need for the boat.

Karate fly fishing!

Mon's family, 3 Gen plus future wife drove from WI.
Mon has been repeat client and he ties closest looking my patterns than anyone!
He is by far the best skilled fisherman I have ever guided.

San Juan Sushi: Took Mon's father and kids to one evening at the bait fishing section for an appetizer.
Lots of nice trout there took AK-47, Yong Special and Yong Wing, only kept couple of 16, 17" rainbow and brown trout for Sushi. It was so good hence the kids want more next year on a phone call I had after they went home.

Don't go big boy, I want to take a photo with you.

Blue River below I-70

Nice bow took AK-47 fly from Blue River, CO

AK-47 fly fishing near Copper MT Ski area, see background

Caught most of smaller trout on Yong Wing fly, Blue River

This one took AK-Salad fly, Arkansas River, CO

Arkansas River, CO

Decent size trout reside on Arkansas River now

About average size from ARK River

ARK River

One of Tom's trout from ARK River, CO
Tom has been repeat clients for at least 15 yrs ago and still come for me for more lessons.
He's pretty good as is but wants to learn every little things I do to catch more trout on every places he goes.

Happy fishing!
Andy Kim