Monday, August 23, 2010

To me, going fishing means to catch fish

Enjoy recent clients' photos!

Hello everyone,
From today on, I'll be using my blog for all of my fishing report(s) and you're welcome to leave your fishing report(s) or comment(s)on the comment section below for everyone to share...

I've met many fly fishers in the past and present (during my guiding career and leisure fishing trips for long as I can remember) on many rivers I cherish and fish. Some say to go fishing means that  they mainly enjoy the scenery, fresh air, and catch few fish during their fishing excursions.Some called it "Bonus" to catch fish (trout)
Yes, I do enjoy fresh air and scenery but my main reason is to catch trout! Let's be honest, who doesn't mind
catching lots of trout when they go fly fishing to their
favorite waters? two is better than one and three is
better than two...and on and on.
Being successful on the river will count for something
when you take off your wader end of the day.
You can reflect back at what you've done while
resting your sore legs and arm (casting arm, especially)

There's one thing that these fishermen have in common. The biggest reason is that they struggle to over come what the river has not reveal to them in many occasions. Simply because of their lack of knowledge and not knowing what else to do to be successful. They just give up and exit the waters. You can't really blame for what they do.But what to do about it is more important than just giving excuses.

If I had a bad day of fishing, then I go home and analyze what happened that day and work on how to improve my success rate for next time out. That is why I have developed 12 fly patterns over last 30 yrs and some of them were exposed on Fly Fisherman magazine and other publications.
It's like some golfers struggling on the golf course saying that “I'm out here for some exercise.” or “I'm here to enjoy this fresh air.”  Bottom line is that they all want to shoot better scores every time they are out on the course but they just don't put in the effort in practicing and studying (lessons if necessary) the method of being good golfers. Same goes for fly fishing, you must put in time and effort to get better fly fisherman therefore try not to make excuses and do something about it.

Well? that being said; I would love to share my knowledge on how to be more successful fly fisher with AK(Andy Kim) Fly Fishing System that I teach to all of my clients of new and repeat clients.
Don't take my word for it, I'll be happy to give you my referrals to you and see what my happy clients say about my AK fly fishing system and their successful catching rate of trout or judge by these recent photos or check out my youtube.

Enough said!!!

Fishing report on San Juan River, NM (Quality waters)

The fishing on the SJ has been excellent for us as usual.
The river's visibility is still around 3 feet and trout are feeding throughout the day all the way down to bait fishing section of the river.

The weather has been unpredictable for last couple of years but I'd suggest you stow away a rain jacket or a rain poncho in your vest or your chest pack just in case you get some moisture during fishing.

Above the TX Hole: We used mostly Andy's Candy Midge, Yong Special, Yong Blondie, AK-47, and below we used more Yong Wing (baetis). Also other producing patterns are; AK-SS and AK-Salad that produced some large trout up to 25” by Alex Yee who is 11 yrs old from Wisconsin.
The best flies were; Yong Special> Yong Blondie> Andy's Candy Midge>Yong Wing  in that order.

Here are some recent email from you:
I want to thank you again for a GREAT experience last Tuesday. Even though
we were slow learners on some of your tips, you showed us how to be much
better San Juan fishermen.
Also, would like your recommendation for a good 2wt rod & brand of line to
Thanks again
Dave Otter

Andy, I used Cheryl's card reader to load the files from the memory card and that worked. Before I had simple connected the camera directly to my PC and that didn't work. Thanks for everything as it was a great day for Dick.

I hope you get the reel seat fixed by sage.  I think that a lot of companies are doing the same thing but I do agree for the cost that they are being kinda cheap that way.  Please get the reel seat fixed.  see if they can put in a graphite seat since that is waterproof.  Remember - that was really the first rod in a while that ever challenged you. It still has a long while to go before you stop smiling with that rod in hand... 

my father went fishing yesterday, my mother had him cleaning the carpeting in the house and he had to take a break and went bass fishing.  I think that the trip rejuvenated his interest in fishing a bit... Alex is also at a new level of fishing now and he is having so much more fun.  thanks for being more than just my master... thanks for being family... I'll send more pics, thanks brother  :-)

Sam Fry

Hi Andy,

As always, it is good to see you and had a great time on the river. i hope i can retain some of the information that i learn from you.
Let me know when you plan on coming out this way and maybe we can play some golf together.
Also, it sounds like it is around the same time as when myself, Steve and Randy plan to come to the river, so i would like to plan accordingly.

Thanks Again,


Too funny Andy.  I can tell you for a fact there were PLENTY of fish in the river.  Maybe they shouldn't all be so damn stubborn and learn how to fish the San Juan from the Master.  I understand he is willing to teach anyone who is willing to listen how to catch trout anywhere in the world.

Thomas N. Tracy, Jr.

Happy fishing!