Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fishing Report : Month of September

Hello everyone,

Fishing on the San Juan river has been great and currently fishing great as well. For those who were fortunate enough to get to San Juan river are really enjoying great fishing!
Current Hatches Notes;
There has been some different hatches last few days on the river.

This is the time of the year we use Yong Special, Andy's Candy Mayfly, and Yong Wing flies more often to entice those famous trout on San Juan River.
Good time to stock up now if you're considering coming out to S.J.R anytime soon. 

Well? I expected lots of people on Labor Day long weekend but I was wrong on that assumption. Less crowd gave us good opportunities to visit many other places to fish, and did we ever!

Trout were healthy and fought hard, even those pan sized ones too.Many of them came up for dry fly (Andy's Candy midge).

The flow has been around 800 cfs and my guess is that flow may stay around 800cfs through the fall season  (my educated guesstimation - Based on the reservoir level that I saw few days ago. But it's still up to B.O.R decision.

Spring runoff of 5000cfs has advantages to the river system.
5000 cfs flow will clean out some of the silt build up off the bottom and create more crevices below gravels.

Typically there will be far less fishermen on the river after the Labor Day Holiday weekend, so those of you who wishes to avoid crowds? your time has come! Come join me on the beautiful (uncrowded S.J.R).

There's one major bad news though, as you can see it on these photos below, the Kiddie Hole is severely damaged again.  Damage was caused by Rex Wash from flash flood that occurred night of the 8th .

Those of you following my fishing report already know that I have been advocating just about everyone about this problem to be fixed for last 8 yrs but nothing has been done to prevent it. Sad sight to be hold!

I know that they've tried hard to improve the river by spending lots money on it but core of the problem hasn't been remedied yet based on what you see and what I've seen in the present and the past.
Picture = 1,000 words.

Note, this isn't just Kiddie Hole's problem alone.  Whenever there's uncontrolled flash flood originates, more silt will deposit into Texas Hole and more places downstream. This definitely will damage aquatic insect populations throughout the area affected.

I still remember the good old days when they had the restrooms at Texas Hole Parking lot. Then the fishing was excellent all day long, up and down to bait fishing section area as well, also anywhere gravel bottom was...
We had days where we would catch 20” plus football size trout were normal affair. Since the removal of that
structure, it created river of silt in and around that area now as you can see in above pictures.

We often fished below the Texas hole but now  we fish upper section more often due to silt damages.

The best flies were: Yong Blondie> Yong Special> Andy's Candy Midge>Yong Blood in order

Recent letters ;

Went to Juan on Thur. & could not believe the damage done by that storm Wed.
night. Any info on what they might do to flush some of the silt out of the
river before it effects the aquatic life?
Your Yong Blondie worked well & I am slowly losing fewer fish with my gentler
hook set.
What sort of changes to selection should I consider as we get into the fall?


Master Yong,

Your AK 47 just killed at Hot Creek!

Here's a picture of a nice brown. It was hiding along the edge of a weed bank, had to make a upstream cast, and he came out and just put it in his mouth!

Caught and released a number of really nice size bows as well. The AK-47 fly was working when the YOJ and Yong special shut down. I really appreciate everything you've taught me.

My best.

Happy fishing!
Andy Kim