Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fishing Report March 2011

Hello everyone,

Some reason all the photos didn't download as I wanted to but you can still click on small box to see them.

Hot fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and as you can see the photos below I have been busy.

The river has been busy with lots of traffic and the fishing has been very good to excellent as usual.

The flow is steady at 500 cfs and about 2 1/2 feet visibility hence sight fishing is the way to go on braids.

Prolific baetis hatch have been started for about 10 days now and you need to be here if you want to use larger size Andy’s Candy Mayfly size 20, 18 and they are hammering the fly.

Fishing below Texas Hole to the first split has improved but half of the fish we caught weren’t healthy (Some of big rainbows from 18 up to 23 inches were rather skinny also at least one or two snagged marks on them and couple of them had one damaged eye) except browns but further down by Baetis Bend to boat pull out aren’t, they are strong as SJ trout get due to less pressure fishing there, see my videos on upcoming Youtube.

By the way, NMDGF stocked 20,000 of 5 to 6 inch triploid trout few days ago so you may catch them just about everywhere.

Brad from CA hired me for 5 consecutive days and what a fun he had, see the big trout photos below and he gave me the big wooden net as a gift before he left hence you’ll see me using the net from now on.

Thanks Brad!

Here’s funny one and never happed to me until few days ago.
When I was guiding David who is one of regular clients from Tucson fly fishing club member towards the evening Marc (SJ fishery biologist) showed up to do his research of test trout so he need to catch 30 of 10-14” trout to kill.
Well his battery powered electro shock device didn’t performed well catching so David caught 5 trout almost back to back and contributed to him before my time was up, see the photo (Marc standing next to him) below.
Now you know that using my flies are far batter than electro shock catching!

Stephan P who fished SJ with his friends but didn’t do well before so he hired me this time to make improvement on fishing success.
Well, make a long story short he caught second most among avid fly fishermen friends just by practicing AK System by himself next day, got his money worth and whole lot more and he is a happy camper now.

The best flies were:

Yong Flasher> Andy’s Candy Midge> Andy’s Candy Mayfly>Yong Blondie> Yong Special> Yong Blood in order

Dear Andy,

Thanks again for a great day of fishing last week. My son Chris and I had a great time, and learned a whole lot about presentation and landing big fish on tiny flies. The double we had was incredible! Landing 23” trout on 3 weight rod and size 26 fly is something we will remember for a long, long time.
Hopefully we will return again sooner next time.
All the best,


Hi Andy,

NICE FISH! It's a good thing "for your client" that I used "Andy Kim's Martial Arts Technique" for fighting that rainbow to submission...and the final take down with your new "Big Net"! You are truly a gifted instructor with the passion and patience of blue heron.

Whistle while you work, my friend (but not to Barry Manilow!).

Tight lines,
Brad "Big Net" Coleman

Hi Andy.......

Just a reminder to email me the photos of Tom and myself from last Wednesday. Had a great time both days......thanks

Happy fishing and enjoy the photos!
Andy Kim

the last day of last trout, Brad is worn out catching tons of big trout

Paul holding 23" cuttbow and Chirs (father and son)

David helping Marc (SJ fishery biologist) to catch trout, works much better than his electro shocking device

healthy greenback brown trout

Lots of boat traffic late afternoon

this brown trout shows sign of spawing color , wrong time of the year, strange

this brown have lots of red spots

baetis and midge hatch

Yum yum, Sushi (sashimi) dinner for blue heron