Friday, November 19, 2010

Fishing Report Nov 2010

Hello everyone, 

Don't forget to watch my videos on youtube!

The flow is still around 470 cfs and the visibility is close to 3 feet.

The fishing has been very good to excellent as usual all the way down to the bait fishing section for those whom using genuine AK flies.

There were prolific midge and baetis hatches on few overcast days so we even used size 16 Andy's Candy fly few times for change.

The weather has been also cooperating for us (few degrees warmer than normal) but I hear the change is coming early as next week so be prepare for it.

Anyway the best flies were:

iYongspecial> Andy's Candy Midge/ Mayfly> Yong Wing> Yong Flash> Yong Blondie in order

Here's interesting info from NM Fish and Game:

Reasons Underlying Overall Satisfaction with Fishing

in New Mexico During the Past 12 Months



(Top 8 Unaided Answers)




Caught a lot of fish 24%

Did not catch many fish 17%

Did not catch any fish 14%

Waters are stocked well 10%

Waters not stocked well 10%

Had a good time/enjoyable 8%

Water levels were good 6%

Enjoys the outdoors 6%

Here are few recent email I received:

Hi guys, my stay was fantastic, wind was an issue but I endured...Wed. I spotted a baetis hatch in the back channel of baetis bend and boy did I have fun...the hatch lasted about an hour and landed at least 12...grey, cream, bloods and blondies did not work at all...maroon, I specials, and wings worked very well...yesterday I went back my honey by 8: 00am...again I caught several but the highlight of my week was catching 2 back to back browns on the maroon special one of them was so beautiful, draped in orange that when I first caught site of him I thought it was a carp...that fish was so beautiful it should have been in a magazine...18 1/2 inches hooked jaw and the orange coloring was remarkable...huge spots both red and black very vivid colors...I wished one of you would have been with me for the photo op and lasting memories...                                              

Happy Thanksgiving your friend


Hi Andy, thanks for the photos. It was great fishing with you hope we can do it again next year. Sorry to have gotten sick, must have been a mild flu or food poisoning. Didn't last long. Take care of the fish, see you hopefully next time.


Andy,   Thank you for showing us a great time on the river and Andy’s methods for successful fishing.   Please email me the photos.   I enjoyed our time together and your fishing methods helped us catch a lot of fish.   Great fun.  Thanks.

Paul Powell


Truth comes from the observation of nature, seeing things so subtle they are invisible to most eyes. Not you! You are one of the rare ones....someone who can see and somewhat control nature. A true master.....
I had a blast learning from you. I knew I would. I will be back, when , I do not know. I am open to suggestions. 3 days was not long enough to familiarize myself with the river. I have to fish at least 4 days next time . thanks again for the great experience!

Bob Mizono

My brother and I were fishing next to you on the San Juan upstream of texas hole Wednesday morning.  You had a group of clients sight fishing in the shallows, and they were all slamming fish on the surface.  i was already missing the action when i decided to check out youtube to see what there is to see about that miracle of flyfishing known as the San Juan...first video i clicked i recognized your voice, just wanted to say that you are one hell of a guide who definitely knows what he is talking about.  Your clients and me and my brother got our moneys worth!!  I am planning on moving out to Durango, one of these days i will say hello, that's a promise.....

tight lines from Pennsylvania!!!  (fisherman's paradise on Spring Creek used to be my home waters while I attended Penn State....we are both a little lucky it seems...)

Malcolm Holley

Dear Andy,

Richard and I wanted to share this photo with you and also thank you for a wonderful trip on the 28th of October.  You had come very highly recommended, and after a day on the San Juan with you, we now understand why!  We both learned a tremendous amount from you, and also had a really great time doing it.  Your teaching style insures a high degree of retention, even for an old guy like me or a young pup like Richard.  You had us catching fish within minutes and as the day progressed your "gentle" coaxing had a significant impact on our newly acquired skills.  We used to be pleased with 2-3 fish a day on your river, but now I don't think either one of us will be happy with less than several dozen hookups a day.

We must have been taught well because we were back on the river for two days following our trip with you and had folks actually asking us what we were "using"!  It's really fun to walk into the "Kiddie Pool" were several people are fishing (but not catching) and start catching fish right under their noses!

You are one of the best Andy, and we will be back for more!

Thanks for a great trip,

Richard and Jim

Happy Fishing!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Andy Kim