Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fishing Report Oct 2010

                                              Hello everyone,

Currently flow is at 500 cfs and the flow should stay as such until
2011 spring  (According to BOR email confirmation).


Fishing is about the same, still very good to excellent for us.

There have been larger midges and baetis hatches since mid September. Just about everyone still think we're using small flies...

Many of struggling fishermen ask me and my clients what we're using, see CoCo's email below.

The visibility of the river is around 3 feet and sight fishing is the way to go on most places during the day.

Strangely more crowd have been showing up last week or two which translates to dead trout lying on the bottom of most popular holes. *Please practice proper fish handling technique(s)

Looking at the sizes of those dead trout, around 18-19”, my guess is that most of them died due to keeping trout out of water too long for your photo op. Keep the fish in the water up until your snap shot of your trophy! Try to keep the whole process under 10 seconds. Revive them properly before releasing!

The best working flies:

i-Yong Special > i-Yong Blondie >Andy's Candy midge/ baetis > Yong Flash > AK-Salad in order

Note, there will be more baetis hatches rest of the season. So stock up on Yong Wing and Andy's Candy Mayfly flies before you head out to the river!

Here are some pictures of my younger brother out in Los Angeles
on Merced River in California. (Just out skirts of Yosemite National Park)
catching and releasing nice trout on Y-Ugly dry fly. Hooked bunch and missed lot more...
October caddis is huge according to my brother John.
He was there on the 23rd of October and had a blast during the rain...
He fishes there when ever he goes up to Yosemite National Park.
He and his family was there on a birthday trip for his wife and he was able to drop some
fly on the Merced for 30minutes and landed 7 and unbuttoned 3 in the afternoon two weeks ago.

These are recent email from clients:

Orale Vato...Good Morning!! Your flies did it again...on Th. & Fri. I tore them up...I was the only one in upper flats catching fish...I must have had 6-8 men ask what I was using...I even showed them the flies, told them about you and gave them your guy Don said he would email you...I hope you guys connected.

Warm Personal Regards, COCO


As usual we had another great time fishing with you.  Attached are a couple of pictures of fish that we caught on our own Sunday and Monday afternoon using Master Kim's fishing techniques.
Thanks again,



We sure enjoyed spending the day with you last Friday.  We did well Saturday and Sunday as well using the flies you made for us and the techniques you taught us.  Hope your sciatica is better. As I said I would highly recommend the inversion table which will eliminate your problem.  The brand I recommend is Teeter.  It is the best as far as I’m concerned.  Good luck and tight lines.

 Fred Bennett

Thanks again Andy. We had a great trip and hopefully learned a lot. Fred and I did pretty well on Sat. and Sun. using your technique and flies.
See you next time.
Randy Hearne


Thanks for a great time on the river! I continued setting the hook too hard yesterday most of the times. The interesting part is that when used only wrist, I landed fish. Imaging that! So I am a strong convert to easy setting of the hook now. I will need a lot of practice, though, old bad habits die hard!
Naomi hooked and landed her fist SJ trout on dry fly, Andy's candy, last fish of the day yesterday, just before we were ready to leave. Awesome! She was so thrilled! I think she is hooked on SJ, thanks to you! Hope she will be coming to SJ with me in the future.
I will try to computerize my shooting film of Naomi, and send it to you.

Thanks again!


Dear Andy, Thank you so much for an enjoyable time fishing on Tuesday. I also enjoyed watching you mess up my spin cast rod. You actually made me look pretty good. I would appreciate it if you would send me the pictures you took of my fish so I can show my wife. Thanks again Andy for a great time and when I'm coming back with my wife we will call for an appointment for a day of fishing. Many Thanks, Mike Pollock (Oklahoma)

Hello Andy:

I am enclosing two photos I shot of you trying one of my Tenkara rods.  Just open the enclosed attachments to see them.  You may use them in any way you wish.

I enjoyed meeting and fishing with you and hearing your ideas on catching San Juan trout.  You are a gentleman.

I gave Mike the video you brought by the motel room and he thanks you for it.


Kent Halsell

Hey Andy,

I am back home and really missing the trout.  I had a great time and it was good to see you again.  Hope you got at least one good picture of you with your trout and without the snagged san juan worm.  If you want to get away from the cold and come down for some golf, let me know.


Andy, greetings to you from Corrales on this very pleasant evening here in the high desert of New Mexico.
Thanks so much for sending that series of photos. The bend in that four weight rod tells a story all of its own. I was able to share the photos and part of the trip with Carol. She sends her compliments on your guiding and photography skills.
Also, thanks very much for the really nice tip on fishing below that island in the Kidde Pool. As I mentioned to you, I fished the Texas Hole for about an hour without success. The guides in the boats were having a slow day as well.
I moved upstream and found that location below the island in the Kidde Pool. The place was loaded with feeding trout and the water was crystal clear. I kept thinking, "Boy, I wish Andy was here to see this." I fished for quite awhile and managed to hook several fish. Setting the hook was problematical. After I experienced my third serious tangle, I looked at my watch and thought, I better be heading home.

Can you give me the basics on the leader that you constructed for me? I will take your instructions and tie up a couple of leaders to use for my next trip the San Juan. Hopefully, I will be able to get back up there around the last week of October. Maybe the fall colors will hang around that long.
Hope you had a great day on the San Juan.

Adios amigo.


Hey Andy, Thanks again, Roy!

                                                       To my freedom-High dive 9.5

                                                   Fall colors are evident around the river

                                                        Lightening over San Juan River

Happy fishing!

Andy Kim