Monday, January 10, 2011

Fishing Report Jan 2011

Happy New Year to everyone.

I forgot to post these photos on my last report.
Can you tell what type of rod is in my hand to catch trout on San Juan?
What weight? what brand? length of the rod?
There were several people around me who didn't think I could dry fly fish with a branch (let alone catch trout and land)  but I proved them wrong by catching trout on it as you can see below.
I have done this time and time to prove to people that right flies and technique is more important than
your equipment in your hand.
Selecting the right flies and proper techniques will help you catch lots more trout when you're on the river and that's exactly what I teach to my clients aka Andy Kim flies and Andy Kim Fly Fishing System.
Before you spend lots of money on those expensive rods and reels try invest couple of lessons from me.
Also I can recommend the fly fishing gears at no charge, contact me.
Learn A.K Fly Fishing System and you'll too have great success on the river(s) you fish.
It just doesn't apply to San Juan River folks, All the rivers you fish will be more enjoyable
and with much less frustrations while doing so.

Winter is definitely here and weather is cold but fishing has been great! This means lesser crowd on the river and more places for you to enjoy and explore.

I was gone for 3 weeks to visit my family in So.Cal.   I have seen the sign of lake turning over just before I left in early Dec and the visibility is around 2 feet therefore it's hard to sight fish now but you can still find few areas if the condition (sun is high and no wind) is right.

Lake turn over effects usually lasts until March sometime.To be successful fly fisher, you need to learn how to overcome such conditions to catch more trout.

I know lots of you think that murky water means it's easy to fool trout but most of them are still very selective, therefore using the right flies will help you catch lots of trout.

To validate that there's guy (Rick from ABQ) who fishes the river often followed me to the town and purchased my flies and next day he caught 5 trout within 40 min in front of Jerry and myself fishing before we left that area.
Rick only had one trout hooked the previous day and he was happy with it, he told me.
He definitely got his money worth!

Even with challenging condition such as lake turnover and cold mornings, there have been prolific midge and baetis hatches throughout the day.

FYI, I haven't seen so many midges hatching for a long time and hopefully this trend will continue throughout the winter.

Well? dry fly fishing has been just fabulous and you don't want to miss this awesome action which happens around 10 AM to 2 PM.

To prove that I have uploaded few of my videos on  youtube and you can see how good the fishing is right now. More videos will follow soon.
BTW, I do have many open days this winter so if you want to enhance your fishing experience then contact me by email or phone: 505-334-0909

 Jerry caught this 20" brown using AC (Andy's Candy) midge size 14!

We had to crawl in and out of bushes below the dam to access the water.
Just like being a kid again, crawling...

The best flies were Andy's Candy Midge, AC Mayfly, Yong Special yellow/ maroon, Yong Blondie ,YOJ and AK-Salad.

                                           Pictures of Lower Owens River in California 2010.

When I was in CA I fished the Lower Owens River during drenching rain with my youngest brother John.

We wanted to fish the Hot Creek and McGee Creek but they had so much snow in one day,4-5 feet around Mammoth Lakes area. Furthermore required snow chains on every vehicle including 4X4 so we decided to fish the Lower Owens to be safe. All in all Mammoth had 17 feet of snow dumped on them in one week.

I fished this section many years ago with Les, who was one of my student who lives in So CA.
That was my first trip and the fishing was really great and you were able to access the river with your
vehicle but now chain link fences all around the area.

We caught lots of trout of much smaller sizes compare to the San Juan River. Using my nymphs and dry fly patterns back then but this time around fishing was bit slow for my taste. Although we did much better than any others on the river. Cold rain was consistent all day long and we even had flooding in our motel room.

I also hooked couple of trout at Pleasant Valley Reservoir for the first time within 20 minutes of  fishing.
Both were browns and decent size at that for this area.

According to locals, they recommend to hike further up the reservoir, about 1 ½ miles or so but still caught trout right at the dam area. We couldn't hike up since our time was limited.

Sadly I think there's declining number of wild trout population on Lower Owens as well. Perhaps due to poaching, we saw bait containers on every spot we've fished.
This is happening in every quality waters across the states and it is sad!

We used Y-Ugly-John lost a huge brown that jumped out the water couple of times. Came off the hook though, in the process of setting up my video camera.
Yong Wing, Yong Special, YOJ and AK-SS fly.
Yong flasher-John caught the nice brown on it. (photo)

Recent email:


Thank you again for the lessons you taught myself and my daughter on the river. Your patience and time with us was excellent. You not only taught me a few things but you increased Makaylee's confidence in her fishing abilities as well as teaching other aspects of the fishing world. We can't wait to book a trip with you. Again thank you and I will continue to recommend you as an excellent guide to customers who visit Zia Sporting Goods.




One of the pictures you took of Sonja on our last trip is on our home computer desk top. We are reminded of the great time we had on the river each day when we see it. It has been a great experience for us both.

Thanks again for helping make it a great time for us.

 Ken Hickingbottom

I will be on the river Xmas Day and having supper with Jerry and Sok Cheng...will you be around...let me know... I may need some more flies..

I think you showed me how to fish for porpoising trout... we were at upper flats fishing the beaver dam and we walked up and a pool of slow water like a re-rigged put on Andy's candy...greased leader above fly and caught a big fish with first this correct or am I dreaming..let me know...not tried it yet but I will...if you say so...

Come eat with us...smoked ribs, coleslaw, and home made pecan pie with whip cream

Always CoCo




December 23, 2010


 At the August 2010 Navajo Reservoir Operations meeting, Reclamation announced that sediment removal from the stilling basin would take place this fall.  Due to contracting issues the work has been delayed.  Reclamation now anticipates that the work will start the first or second week of January 2011.  It is anticipated to take 2-3 weeks to complete.  The work will consist of installing a cofferdam to prevent flow from entering the stilling basin, pumping water out of the stilling, and finally removing the sediment with a front-end loader.  Reservoir releases will be maintained at a rate of 500 cubic feet per second through the City of Farmington's power plant throughout the duration of the project.  To minimize disturbance, the contractor plans to use a water-filled bladder to serve as a coffer dam.  No impacts to the downstream fishery or anglers are anticipated during this work, as the contractor is required to ensure no turbid water is discharged downstream.  The New Mexico Game & Fish Department will be onsite to remove any fish in the stilling basin prior to dewatering. 

 When the contractor's schedule becomes more firm, Reclamation will provide another notice with the latest information.  If you have any questions, please contact Vern Harrell at (970) 565-0865 (, or Pat Page at (970) 385-6560 (

Happy fishing!

Andy Kim