Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fishing Report San Juan River Oct 2011

Hello everyone,
My fishing report for October is below these pictures along with Kiddie Hole improvement info photos. You'll also see some golden trout photos by my younger brother John's in high up in the Golden Trout Wilderness as well as Kings river Kings Canyon, Central California trip.
Make sure check out my youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/yspecial1?feature=mhsn) where I have been updating recent fishing action videos of clients and I.

These are recent photos of my clinets having fun catching quality trout on where else? Join me to help you catch beautiful trout on San Juan.
Email: yspecial1@msn.com or phone: 505-334-0909.

                                                His smile is bigger than the trout, great job!

                                                                          Triple play...

Catching few trout off the handicap ramp at the Texas Hole.

Pastor Mel who is 86 years young became wade fisherman since he hired me couple of years ago.

Pastor Mel's son Jerry showing off his big trout, no need to be on the boat on the San Juan River.

                                                                   Now, that's life...

Pastor Mel gets tired then he sits down and catch few more trout using genuine AK flies.

                                                  Can someone say FAT trout with our smiling?

George caught this 23 inch fat bow using AC midge dry fly, it was windy but his patience paid off.

GOLDEN TROUT in GTW California 
I have caught and released so many on this trip.
These are one of the most beautiful trout in the world...
Colorado river cutthroats are also beautiful up high in the flat top ...

                                                            On Y-ugly dry fly, all day long
                                                           On  AK-47 dry fly, all day long

                                                   John my little brother and his friend James
                                                   Modified Y-ugly (test fly with good results)
Check out one of the videos on the Golden trout on  the Youtube.

Upper Kings river, in King Caynon California
All wild trout here, No stockers on this river.
Hiked well into areas where people seldom do.
Met a guy who was fishing in these areas for 7days straight!
He truely is a trout bum!

                                                                  On Y-ugly dry fly
                                                           Gin clear ice (melt) water

                                                             Not as big as San Juan trout but
                                                               they're so strong and beautiful!

                                                      Brad from San Diego with a nice rainbow.
                                  He drove 8 hours to get here and 8 hours back without rest,
                                    not to mention two days of hard fishing and hiking back.
                                                    He is an Iron man in my book.

                                                    Nice fat brown on Y-Ugly dry fly

It truly is a beautiful place to visit and fish this place.
Unfortunately, this place will be closed for the year
 next weekend. Can't wait till next year fall!

It’s been a strange year to say the least, having warmer than normal temperature all year long along the river. The cottonwoods along the river still have about 50% of the foliage intact.

But I know it won’t be long before the winter knocks on the door so better enjoy this warm weather while we can on the San Juan.

Starting today, the flow will go down to 350 cfs, see the email from BOR office along with customer testimonial letters below.

The fishing has been hot for both dry and nymph fishing for last few weeks.

The prolific midges and baetis hatches have been occurring everyday even I tied on Andy’ Candy on Pastor Mel who is 86 yrs young and still caught few by himself, see the video: http://www.youtube.com/yspecial1#p/u/1/OtX89ODsODo

I know most of you haven’t had much experience(s) fishing the San Juan when the flow is low but no need to worry, in regards to low water flow, these trout still have to feed and fatten up for winter just like we do.
I've fished the low flow as well as the highest flow on the San Juan with much success so no need to worry about getting them on end of your rod!
One noticeable problem will be is that people who horn their snagging skills (using wrong fly) will snag more fish this time of year since trout will congregate in deeper pools.

It’s unfortunate that few % of fishermen who come to river to snag trout, there are lots of casualties lately around Kiddie Hole and below the dam, instead of learning how to matching the hatch.

Furthermore there will be more snaggers coming to San Juan when the rainbow trout start their spawning. I see these kind of people on every streams across the States. To snag bigger trout to brag about when they go home.

As far as I’m concern these kinds of fishermen should be banned from this sport including those using more than 2 flies setup.

In my opinion, they should only allowed to use one fly at a time which will teach people to select the right fly
more carefully and have less chance of hurting the trout.

Anyway, the visibility has been about 3 feet but it will change due to the construction work around KH area.

The best flies were:

Andy’s Candy Midge/ Mayfly> Yong Wing> Yong Special (fat body)> Yong Blondie> Yong Blood in order.

Recent letters from you:

Hi Andy, Dad and Jerry had a great time with you on the San Juan. Glad you all were able to fellowship. I wanted to share this short video with you. This is what enabled dad to "keep going" on the trip. Truly amazing. He would usually only be able to do 1/2 day on the river at a shot.

Looking forward to talking to you. I still have your set-up. Will mail it to you!

Blessings, Susan Sumrall

Hey Bobby Knight, er Andy,

Best regards,



Just looked at video, not bad for me.

In New Castle till tomorrow or Wednesday. Fished the CO on Saturday, caught about 10 fish most on ywings. Fished the Roaring Fork on Sunday caught about 8 on ywing and yspecial. Went to FP today, caught about 30 fish some on ywings but mostly on dry flies. From about 2 to 6 they were just hammering andy's candy mayfly. Had a lot of fun.

Talk with you later.


Thanks Andy. Photos are great. I hope you can put up with me again. I'll try to practice. I have a meeting to attend now but I'll send links to my videos later.

Once again, thank you.



Just a reminder to send us the photos from the trip. As usual, we had a great time. Caught a couple of nice fish on Tuesday morning. One 20" below Texas hole and about a 19" in the 2nd channel behind Kiddie Hole on a AC Midge.




Just to thank you for the GREATEST day of fishing because of the opportunity to fish with my son and grandson. Also I have reconfigured all my reels to left hand retrieve. Have been going over to the lake to train those muscles to the new system. Takes a lot of work for and old man to change old habits. Had just as much fun visiting and listening to your stories. Hope to be back next summer (late) or fall.

Pic included to reminder you who "grandpa" is

Lowell Jenny

Hi Andy,

Thank you so much for my picture!

I hope to see you soon and learn more from you... let me know your guiding schedule and locations.

Thank you.

with gratitude and appreciation,


Happy fishing!

Andy Kim

                             BUREAU OF RECLAMATION


October 31, 2011


The Bureau of Reclamation will be decreasing the release from Navajo Reservoir to 350 cubic feet per second (cfs) tomorrow, November 1, 2011 at approximately 8am. This temporary, lower release is made in collaboration with New Mexico Department of Game & Fish’s fish habitat project taking place just below the dam. The Department estimates the decreased release will be required for approximately 30 days. Releases are made for the authorized purposes of the Navajo Unit, and to attempt to maintain a target base flow through the endangered fish critical habitat reach of the San Juan River (Farmington to Lake Powell). Target base flows will be maintained throughout the duration of the project.

This scheduled release change is subject to changes in river flows and weather conditions. If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Christianson at 970- 385-6590 or e-mail him at rchristianson@usbr.gov.